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Become a Juurnee Companion

Get Paid To Fly!

Want to travel the world but flights are too expensive? Become a Juurnee Companion and get paid to help someone out on their flight. It’s a new way to travel that is opening up the world to everyone!

Travel home for the holidays

If you’ve living overseas, there’s nothing better than visiting family over the holidays. But with flight tickets more expensive than ever, it’s often difficult to make it work.

But now thanks to Juurnee, you can get paid to help someone on a flight to your destination and offset the cost of the flight ticket with that payment. Everybody wins!

Go visit friends abroad you’ve not seen in a while

Imagine surprising your best friend with a spontaneous trip to visit him. Or going to see your cousin’s newborn baby. Or heading to a destination wedding you never thought you’d be able to afford to attend.

Keep an eye out for Juurnees that match your dates & destinations, and there’s a good chance the payment will cover your flight tickets!

Reduce your travel costs by becoming a Juurnee Companion

One way & return flights

Some Juurnee Seekers list one way flights, others need help with flights in both directions. Choose the Juurnees that work for you.

Safe & secure payments

Juurnee Seekers pay upfront, and Juurnee holds it safely until your trip is completed. Then the payment is released to you.

5 star customer support

Have an issue on a trip? Reach out to our 24/7 customer support and we’ll help immediately.

Make a real difference

As a Juurnee Companion, you’re making a huge impact in someone’s life by enabling this travel experience for them. Thank you! 

People you might help

Every Juurnee is different as people need help for different reasons. Here’s a few of them.

Travellers with children

People travelling with children might need help keeping them entertained on the flight, help with their bags and helping them through the airport.

Elderly People

Someone might want you to help their parents or grandparents with travel. This might be the only option that enables them to fly over and visit!

People with injuries

Ever tried travelling with a broken arm? It’s not fun! You’ll be there to help them navigate the airport, flight and whatever they need.

Unaccompanied minors

When an airline can’t provide a chaperone, Juurnee can help out. Usually kids between 12 – 17 going to/from boarding school or summer camp.

Anxious flyers

For people with a fear of flying, a flight is a very stressful experience! You’ll be there to keep them calm and reassure them along the way.

People with disabilities

A study showed 43% of wheelchair users who’ve attempted to fly now avoid it, and not because they have nowhere to go. We want to change that.

Some of our favourite airlines

Why be a Juurnee Companion?

If you’re a friendly person who is willing to help someone out at the airports and on a flight, we want you!


Get paid to fly

Juurnee Seekers will offer a sum of money based on the help they need and length of flight. You can see the amount before applying to help.


Travel the world

With your Juurnee gig offsetting the cost of your flights, the world is now your oyster. Let’s get travelling!