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Travel the world with help from Juurnee

Connecting travellers who need help on their flight with travellers who want to get paid to fly. Everybody wins!

Most popular route:


United Kingdom





Make your flight easier with a Juurnee Companion

There are lots of reasons you may want a Juurnee Companion! Here are some of the most common.

Help with children

Children + travel = HARD WORK! A Juurnee Companion can help you out with the children and baggage. 


Disabled or injured people

Trying to navigate airports, aircraft seating and hand luggage can be tricky and tiring. A Juurnee Companion can help you with everything you need.

Elderly people

Want parents or grandparents to come visit you abroad but not sure they can cope with the travel and logistics by themselves? A Juurnee Companion will help them throughout the journey and set them at ease.

Anxious flyers

Over 10% of the population classify themselves as a nervous flyer…you’re not alone! A Juurnee Companion can help keep you calm and relaxed throughout the journey.

Get paid to fly

How it works

Who can do it

Get paid to fly by helping someone out

Want to go back home to see family, but flights are too expensive? Wish you could go see a friend abroad who just had a baby? No matter what your reason for travelling, Juurnee helps you find flights where you can get paid to fly. The world is now at your fingertips!

Check upcoming Juurnees and apply

Check what Juurnees people have posted to see if any match up with the routes and dates you’re available to travel. See what they’re paying, apply for the position, and get matched! Payment is collected from Juurnee Seekers upfront, held safely by Juurnee, and you’ll get paid at the end of your trip.

Anyone can be a Juurnee Companion – sign up for free today!

As long as you’re excited and willing to help someone on their flight, you can sign up as a Juurnee Companion! Your job is to make their experience as smooth as possible, so being friendly, kind and helpful is a must.

Ready to get travelling?

Sign up to Juurnee (it’s free!) and let the world open up to you.


Popular Flight Routes on Juurnee

Our most popular flights

Sydney to London

From arguably the most famous opera house in the world, to Buckingham Palace & Big Ben. Flights from Sydney to London are trending over summer.

London to Sydney

From fish n chips, to shrimp on the barbie. Flights from London to Sydney (both one way and returns) are particularly popular over Christmas.

Rachel’s story

Created to solve a problem 

Juurnee was created by Rachel when she needed help finding a travel companion for a long haul flight with her three young children.

“In 2022, the five of us flew from Sydney to London to see family and be there to see my brother get married! But my partner had to return to Sydney unexpectedly early due to work. With our children aged four, two and four months old, I decided there was no way I could fly with them by myself. So I cast the net wide to find a travel companion who I offered to pay $1000 to help me, and after many, MANY hours of effort, I found an amazing person – Sarah – who helped me so much the entire journey. I couldn’t have done it without her. So I created Juurnee to help other people, like me, to find & book travel companions with ease. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!”


Rachel Crampton

Founder and the first Juurnee Seeker

“I was the first ever flight companion for Juurnee where I helped out Rachel and her beautiful family on the long journey home to Sydney from London. The fee I was paid essentially created the opportunity for a free flight home and having been extremely homesick, I was grateful for the opportunity to come home so soon. The flight might not have been as relaxing as it could have without the experience, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! I’m a stress head in these types of situations, and instead of worrying over the flight, the time went very fast. I loved getting to know Rachel and her little girls and I still think about them over a year later. As a solo traveller, it’s really nice to have someone to connect with while flying. I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again, and I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to travel the world, or come on back home, to make your life easier and a little bit cheaper!”


Sarah Leonard

Juurnee Companion

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